Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy High Season

Well , I think I just missed a month! that happens at this time of year.

High Season! a time of mad driving, too much heat, too many scantily clad Italians on mopeds, too much noise, traffic, name it...but still I love it. There is a buzz everywhere you go, a vibrancy an immediacy a life. Yes everyone is tired and gets crotchety sometimes but lets face it, in tourism, this is the time of year we all wait comes hard fast and furious, spins us all around and then just as suddenly as it is the swallows.

We, like everyone else are at full tilt right now. Trying hard to keep up, sleeping at every small often strange opportunity, missing the wonderful happenings in Corfu town. But it is great. We have had some really wonderful guests, the ice making machine is on overdrive, we manage an occassional swim...and the little everyday scenes one sees every day make me laugh out loud sometimes....Not at all bad I'd say.

So heads up and carry on! Enjoy the sunshine, the heat and the Summer is all so fleeting , fragile and fun....gentle September will soon be back soothing our hot heads and tiredness....and I for one then miss the fast flashings of now....