Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello from Corfu!

A very hurried 'Good evening' from the golden Corfu mountainside on a gloriously sunny late afternoon. I was hoping to put up a photo of  'The 2013 Launch' but it is on another only just updated (at great length)  phone...some fancy 'cloud' or other; in a nutshell...the photos are 'Elsewhere' I will have to upload or download or sync or such like to get them into the right place and then hopefully share with you in full colour one of the most stressful  (for me...Iakis is always remarkably cool and collected) days of the year!  Nautilus perched precariously on a trailer all shiny, scrubbed, and painted as good as new being gently manoeuvred into the sea in Ipsos generally with a small eclectic crowd of onlookers...none of whom are any where near as nervous as me!

As always she skimmed slowly into the crystal water with pure elegance and perfect timing (with the skilled driving of George and his able lorry) and within a few moments came that deep satisfying Bbbbrrrmmmm! as her two engines kicked in and Iakis took her off for her first spin.

It is ridiculously busy everywhere at the moment with Greek Easter just around the corner and all the people working in tourism (just about everyone) furiously painting and cleaning  trying to get everything spruce and pretty for the first major arrivals on Friday.

It is also just about the most beautiful time of year with all the flowers in full bloom, fireflies dancing in the dark quiet evenings the first wheeling swallows twisting and diving between the creamy buildings of the town and the wonderful new fresh warmth and promise that comes with every Spring....

Kali Arhi! as they say...'Good Beginning'

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