Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Full moons, cherries and hollyhock

Good evening.

It is that time of year when time goes so fast you can almost hear it fizz as it whistles past your ears!..

A vague sort of title tonight I know but one that sums up May and early June for me somehow. It is the most beautiful time of the year, despite the sometimes contrary weather.  There is so much to see, it is so green, so overwhelming somehow with the full velocity of Spring, and yet most of us that live here have so little time to just sit back and enjoy it.

No photos tonight as my computer is playing games on me so I will have to put something up later...I have lots of pictures of the magnificent full moons we enjoy here, reflected in wide expanses of gold upon the flat coal dark sea...but of course they never quite look the same on a screen as they do in real life...end up as little blurry blobs in a dark dull page....oh to be a real photographer!

Every year I also intend to take photos of the wonderfully voluptuous bright coloured Holly Hocks that line the curbs right now, over 2 meters high sometimes, haughty and proud...but I always seem to be charging about being busy, going somewhere...or more to the point each time I see them I tend to be at particularly dangerous bend in the road where stopping to take a photo is not really terribly sensible...and then there are the cherries.....I just love them.  They are only around for a short time but they are delicious....just gorgeous!...

Each month has its specialities, last month were the festivals and blousy roses, before that the amazing wisteria covering whole cyprus trees with its fragrant blooms, and the orange blossom and jasmine, the dancing fireflies....now it is 'the season' in (almost) all its glory.  The swallows are back nesting outside the front door, the tourists in colourful array enjoy the crystal blue sea and the elegant facades of Corfu town, the sun is warm though the breeze fresh. Each little passing scene is a treasure to catch...

So, from a rather whimsical me tonight...a big 'Hello!' to all those that have joined us so far and we look forward to meeting everyone else in the weeks soon to come....


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